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Looking to hire an artist to draw some strong female characters for a medieval/fantasy comic.  Swords, knights, demons and more.  Including illumination/knotwork in the gutters.

Lines and pencils.  This has been in print before, going to webcomic format, looking to produce 1-2 a week.  After building up a cache to release of course.

Please send me a portfolio and price offers.  Previous artist did work between 50-100$.

There will be a contract.  I am looking for a collaborative partner.  I tend to get pretty detailed on the panels, but a good artist really brings it to life.  

Post/message me, and if the conversation continues it will grow into an email form showing some of the previous artwork from the print version.

The current goal is 120-ish pages for the first major story line.



Sean O'Brien
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I'm a writer, with more than a fantasy novel complete (series in the works) but still unpublished. I've been a DC comics fan forever, with Batman ranking as my favorite hero, followed by Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and the Outsiders. I really get into the Lore of a saga, and I appreciate well done comic art. I like finding the symbolism and clues on the pages, the stuff that means something.

I study Celtic History and the Three Kingdoms period of China.

I GM/DM a forum-based role playing game based on FFRPG system (found here:… ) made by some very talented guys. Our game has been around for 2 years now and is a large saga (Odysseia, you can see it here:… ) It's an re-imagination of the entire FF-verse set in its very own unique world.

As I'm teaching myself to draw, I may eventually submit some art and characters (I have my own characters to copyright and a graphic novel outline and book in the works, need a good artist(s) for this!).

Primarily, at least right now, this DeviantArt page is really to celebrate Mega Man Legends 3 with my very own take on the MM saga. I hope you enjoy it. If the sprites are not owned by Capcom, I've most likely made them myself. You can find the talented folk who taught me at Sprites Inc, and when necessary, they've helped me out and loaned some sprites for the comic. I like to give credit where credit is due.

Thanks for taking a look at the page!

Favourite style of art: Comic Book Art
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote
Prologue: 1172 HE (Hero's Age)

The world of Gaia, the great Magicite Wars have recently ended after several brutal battles. Two years ago, Baron Gestahl, Prince of Ethos, began a campaign that would ultimately reshape Gaia's political landscape, forming an empire of which history had not seen. Nearly 1200 years after the first Light Warriors walked the earth, an ancient battle was concluding. Gutsco Oblion, a dwarf and professed servant of Chaos, has kidnapped Christine Laurd, wife of Sir Isaac Elthlead. Sir Isaac, a knight in service of the Duke of Sulras, has been pursuing Gutsco, destroying the dwarf and his criminal network at every turn. Now, Gutsco flees across the Asgaron Uplands, seeking his escape at a waiting pirate ship. Sir Isaac pursues Gutsco and Christine, seeking to save his beloved from a horrifying fate.

The woman knelt down, her hands in chains. She was being pulled by a gnarled, nasty looking dwarf with an oversized nose, even for a dwarf. "Don't fret, lass. Pregnant or nay, I've no qualms about your future. You'll make a fine sacrifice."

They were in the Asgaron Uplands, moving east along a small, thin trail that had mostly grown over. Civilization never reached this far, not anymore. Christine, trying to hide her tears beneath her blonde hair, growled. "Where will you go, Gutsco? Your cult is smashed, he's on your trail. He'll save me." She fought back the sob of despair. She had been this creature's slave, and now carried its evil child within her womb. She wanted to kill it, and kill Gutsco. Only the love for her sweet, dear Isaac gave her hope.

"No he won't, lass. No one will save you. You will be sacrificed to Chaos and I'll receive even greater power."

The bushes rattled and the dwarf stopped, he drop his hand to his axe. Few creatures scared a creature such as Gutsco, he had slain the most ferocious in his heyday, and now, through dark rites, he was empowered by the darkest god of all. And so when he saw the elf, he sneered.

"Alen," Gutsco said. "Wasn't expecting you, is the ship secured."

Alen, the elf in blackened armor, nodded. His eyes were hollow, the man was empty. "Yes, Master." He hated it. He hated calling Gutsco his master, he hated the very thought of a dwarf ruling over an elf. But he needed him. Alen had lost himself and Gutsco taught him the darker ways, the infernal magic. "They are waiting for you now."

"Not so fast," said a man on a chocobo, riding up the path from behind them. "Gutsco, last of the dark followers, you're under arrest by order of the Duke of Sulras. Lay down your arms and I won't take your head. Touch Christine again and no one will find our body."

Christine shouted with joy. "Isaac!" she shrieked. Then she kicked the little dwarf in his shin and tried to run, but he grabbed the chains and held her fast.

"Finish him, bring his sword," Gutsco said. He'll never survive, Gutsco thought. He'll die, no one can defeat Isaac with that sword. Gutsco wouldn't wait to see what happened, he too turned and fled, dragging a screaming Christine with him.

Alen turned to Isaac, and lifted the blade of his own. "No further, softears," he said, insulting the hume. "I've yet to kill today."

Isaac lifted his sword and whispered softly, "Excalibur… do not fail me." And then the red haired knight shot forward on his feathered steed, with a quick snap, he brought the sword down, cutting Alen's blade in half. Then Isaac kicked the elf in the chest, knocking him into a tree. His sword's point rested against Alen's neck. "Listen here, dark knight, my business is with Gutsco. It's family business. Leave well enough alone and be done here. I give you your life because when I look into your eyes, I see a hollow, broken soul. Find your reason for living, and stop taking it out on the world. Or I will find you."

Alen watched Isaac ride off after Gutsco. The dwarf would soon be caught—so Alen slowly stood to his feet. Best not be here when Isaac returned.

Gutsco had Christine at the top of a high ridge, from here they could see the coast. They burst out of the trees running to the edge, but finally the girl tugged back on the chains and stopped Gutsco. "You cannot out run him."

"Then I'll take what matters most," said Gutsco. He positioned Christine in front of him and prepared to push.

Isaac, on his bird, burst out of the trees and came galloping towards them. He pointed Excalibur forward and began muttering an incantation.

Gutsco glanced back, his ship far below, almost there, and yet it came to this. Then, facing Isaac, he roared, "The Oblion line will never bow, Elthlead, never!"

Before he could push Christine, the bolt of magic hit emanating from Isaac's sword hit Gutsco in the chest and sent him over the edge of the ridge. Gutsco roared as he tumbled down towards the ocean, bouncing in his armor. Christine ran to Isaac, who quickly dismounted.

"Oh Isaac… that… that awful little thing… his child is in me."

"Hush, Christine," Isaac said, holding her tightly and kissing the top of her hair. "We'll find a solution. By Lushiris's light, we will find a way."


Roughly 9 months later, a small bundle lay on the church steps in the mining village of Santidus. Christine, with her hood up high, leaned into Isaac's arms. "Will he grow safely here?" she asked.

Isaac nodded. "Many dwarves live here, Christine. No one will ever question it, he'll be safe. He'll grow as a miner and live a good life. He won't be part of this war, Gutsco is dead or hiding, and this child will never know. Never know his mother, nor his father."

Christine kissed her hand and then placed it on her forehead, a religious salute to the goddess Jenova. She bowed her head. It was odd, feeling sad for a child she never wanted. But now that he was here… the snow began to fall harder and she lifted the iron knocker to the door. As she released it, the heavy clang would alert any inside. Then she pushed herself into Isaac's arms and they departed.

The door opened and a stocky old hume waddled out. "Who is it? Who's there?" he said. He looked about over his small spectacles and sighed. "Oh those hooligans… Jenova sees you!" he shouted into the falling snow. "Jenova sees you pranking a church, she'll put a pox on y—" and then heard the crying of a baby. He looked down and saw the bundled boy. He scooped him up and looked back into the snow storm, and then quickly drew the baby inside. "A strong cry you got, child. Fear not, Sister Elizabeth will take good care of you."


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